Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hollywood Squares and other games

Today, I used a Vocabulary Bingo game to review vocabulary-so-far with one of my classes. They were loud and scattered throughout the game, wanted to know if they would get extra credit or candy for winning a round, and took nearly the whole period for two rounds, but most of them wrote down the words they hadn't used on their bingo boards to study for the next time we play, so I'll count that as a success for now.

We used a "Hollywood Squares"-type review game a few weeks ago. The problem with that is the clunky random number generation scheme in SMART notebook. At the moment, I'm using a collection of the Gallery dice to generate page and question numbers so that my brighter lights don't hunt up the old practice sheets I'm using and find the answers before I've finished reading the problems.

I'd like to get to the point of using Jeopardy. The SMARTboard Lesson Podcast has a great version already coded for Notebook, but generating questions for, say, the category "projectile motion" and the answer "42m/s, horizontally" may be beyond most of my students.

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