Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disasters in the Making

Today I tried to get through more review for the midterm. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. Every review question I did with my basic level classes, someone got wrong. Even the trivially easy questions that the whole course is based on, such as questions that require discriminating between velocity and acceleration. My college prep class failed the section of the Force Concept Inventory I gave them, even in the piecemeal, one-question-answered-before-the-next-is-presented format I was using. My honors class failed, but there were still several who don't understand at least one of Newton's first two laws. I just know I'm going to have failures on the midterm in all four classes.

I really wish we had enough time for common lesson planning, not just me and my co-teacher (now my aide, instead, which is an entirely different rant), but the group of us teaching physics to sophomores. If we use a common midterm and final, you'd think it might be beneficial for us to have common planning time and work on aligning both our assessments and our lessons with the state and national standards, right? Forty-five minutes a day is not enough, however. I spent that much time just taking care of bookkeeping and extra help today.

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