Monday, January 14, 2008

Inadvertent Quizzes

My basic classes are going to get a quiz tomorrow that basically tests whether or not they have been paying attention in class. We have been using a set of clicker questions about eclipses and tides as part of the classwork for several days, and I'm simply going to give them those question again, this times as a quiz. Sadly, based on today's results, I don't think they'll all pass.

Some of them may try to cheat, so I have the unenviable choice between having them all sit where they can aim a clicker at the receiver but be close enough to whisper to each other, or spreading them out and marking their quizzes by hand. I suppose, since the quiz is multiple-choice, marking it by hand won't be too much of a trial.

I'd like to give a similar quiz to the college prep class, but I'll need multiple versions of it in order to avoid having to scuttle the entire thing due to chatting.

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