Thursday, January 10, 2008

Never Enough

There's never enough time or money or energy, is there? I ought to be grading, or planning, but I'm stuffed full of very tasty Indian food.

I had brief hopes of going to one pre-conference day of the NSTA meeting in Boston in March for the Teaching Science to Students with Disabilities pre-conference meeting, but it looks like my trip to Baltimore for the AAPT workshops has used up my share of the department's PD money. Oh, well. Hopefully I can talk one of my colleagues into going and pick her brains when she returns.

My college prep class had another day of never shutting up, but they did manage to get through some work when I gave them clicker-based questions instead of trying to make myself heard. I think that, for one student at least, seeing that her (anonymous) answer wasn't marked correct by the computer caused her to realize that she hadn't though about the question enough or correctly and she had an "oh!" moment soon afterwards. It may be that, for this class, I really need to take myself of the stage much more often and let them go through assessments with the clickers. This would be much easier if I could get the clicker software to install on my computer. The software thinks Vista is too primitive for it to install...

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