Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 11: Assessment and 'Rigor'

Today I gave a quiz on representing motion. One description for which they had to draw a motion map, x vs t graph, and v vs t graph. One x vs t graph for which they had to write a description and draw the motion map and v vs t graph.

There's still lots of confusion about motion maps and graphs. One of the most popular errors is having a motion map that jumps to show motion in opposite directions. So , rather than for example. I think it may be time for some video analysis...

After the quiz, I allowed some classes to work on whatever they needed to get done, and started the lab practical with the Honors class (because they have a double period on Fridays).

What worked:
  • Most of the students are getting over the idea that everything needs to have points attached to be worthwhile.
  • An easily distracted student saw that I had written a comment about his distraction and buckled down to finish his work.
  • The Honors class measured cart velocities in a variety of ways.
What could have worked better (other than circumstances entirely beyond my control):
  • Small group and independent non-worksheet learning is really tough for some of my students. I need to try the technique of using the IWB to record observations during such times.

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