Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 7: The Mistake Game

Well, okay, only one class got to playing the game. But three whiteboarded at least part of a problem from Worksheet 1. More discussions tomorrow.

What worked:
  • Asking students to include a subtle mistake in their solutions to the worksheet problems. They were more engaged than I've ever seen before in discussing solutions and plausible errors.
  • Standing aside during the discussion in period 7. Students were talking to each other, rather than looking to me for every answer.
  • The game aspect. Even though (or maybe because) I didn't assign points for good questions, the classes had very contructive questions
What didn't work:
  • Planning the same time (one 45 minute period) for Honors and CP students to complete the worksheet. The Honors students were finished halfway through, and the lower level CP classes didn't finish in a full period. Next year, more challenging problems for the Honors kids!

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